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Let AI verify your customer documents in less than 10 seconds!


VIALINK KYC : the best of Artificial Intelligence via APIs

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Automated Controls

Save time and simplify your onboarding

Control your customer documents as one file-enabling consistency between multiple documents

Enrich your checks with qualified data sources

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Compliance & Fraud

Adapt to regulatory changes in a couple of clicks

Get a certified KYC report

Audit reports and traceability

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Customizable Business Logic

Set up your own KYC rules by process, geography, customer journey, etc.

Adjust and weigh control points and alerts

We provide a KYC score to ease the decision process


Who is Vialink KYC for?

Vialink KYC allows you to have a 360 degree view of your customer :

  • It increases your operational efficiency by automating identity, revenue and client profile controls (PEP, international sanctions list, etc.).
  • It protects you against identity theft, possible fraudulent activities and limits the risk being of non-compliance despite rapid changes in regulatory frameworks and frauds, thanks to our adjustable settings.
  • Our time stamped and certified control report guarantees the complete traceability of the controls carried out.

Operational efficiency, easy customer onboarding, fraud risk minimization, Compliance & Operational Risk and Business & Operations can now work together to offer to your clients :

  • An easier, clearer and, above all, faster customer journey.
  • A clear vision of the data collected facilitating  compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
  • A full digital KYC file avoiding providing the same supporting documents several times to the same company.


They talk about us

“We provide solutions for both sales and compliance side. We enable easier and quicker customer onboarding and provide real-time feedback to customers. The fully automated, AI and deep learning-driven platform delivers quick answers to the customers and presents an analysis of the customer document (KYC process) in less than 10 seconds.” Read more

Capital Markets CIO Outlook, Philippe Sanchis.

“In 10 seconds, via our API solution Vialink KYC, we check identity documents, Kbis and the rest, analyze the data on the submitted profile and send back a scoring to the financial institution. Our innovation is the ability for client to configure the solution itself.”

An incredible potential with unlimited needs, Point Banque, Patrice REMEUR

“VIALINK KYC is fully customizable: each organization adapts the software according to its own compliance policy and priorities, and therefore adapts very quickly to changing regulatory constraints and fraud by “connecting” to banks’ IT systems”.

Vialink launches 100% digital KYC solution, Publi-News, Jo COHEN

“In the BPCE group, BRED’s subsidiary, Vialink, has also just launched an offer dedicated to customer identification which manages – in addition to Bred’s account openings – those of BPCE’s subsidiary specialising in payments, Depopass.”

Banks strengthen customer identification systems, Les Echos, Sharon WAJSBROT

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About Vialink

Vialink builds agile electronic signatures and automation KYC solutions. True to its banking DNA (subsidiary of the BRED Banque Populaire group), Vialink innovates strongly in R&D for the benefits of its banking and insurance clients.

A trusted third party, Vialink offers its innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions to help Finance companies in automating their KYC processes via an easy to integrate API platform.


Capgemini’s ScaleUp Qualification Program


Top Ten KYC Tech Solution Providers 2019


BRED Group subsidiary – BPCE

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